Specializing in Life, Health, Disability, and Medicare Insurance Plans. Catering to the Richmond, VA Area.

Specializing in Life, Health, Disability, and Medicare Insurance Plans. Catering to the Richmond, VA Area.

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Specializing in Life, Health, Disability, and Medicare Insurance Plans. Catering to the Richmond, VA Area.

Leading the Insurance Industry Since 2001

SMH Insurance Agency, Inc has been rated as one of the best 2023 Medicare, Health & Life Insurance Agencies in Richmond, Virginia by Expertise.com. Since 2001, we have specialized in working with Medicare Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, and Final Expense Whole Life Insurance. We're an Authorized Independent Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield agent. Please scroll down to view some of our featured insurance products. Check out our 5-Star Google reviews to see what our clients are saying about us.

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Insurance Products We Offer Include:

- Term Life Insurance Rates
- Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors
- Whole Life Insurance Policy
- Final Expense Life Insurance
- Delta Dental Individual & Family Insurance Plans
- Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans 
- Anthem Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
- Anthem 2023 Individual Health Dental & Vision Plans
- Short-Term Health Insurance Plans
- Long-Term Disability Insurance
- Anthem Small Employer Group Health Plans
- Group Health Insurance Plans

-Voluntary Employee Group Benefits

-Aetna Individual & Family Health Plans

-Medicare Advantage Part C Plans

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Employer Group Health Insurance Plans

We offer group Employer Group Health Insurance plans in Virginia. For groups with 2 to 4 employees, we can provide you with an illustration with up to 400 plans for comparison. For groups with 5 or more employees, we can provide you with an illustration with over 1,000 plans for comparison. You will be able to compare every plan premium and benefit option available in Virginia for every company that offers group health insurance to make sure you have the best policy to meet your employee’s needs. If you elect to use us as your agent, we will administrate the plan for you. We will enroll, terminate employees and assist with any claim issues. Your employees will be welcome to contact us with any questions to make sure that they understand their benefits. We have the technology for most companies to send each employee an online application enrollment link that they can fill out at their convenience. The employee will be able to select what type of enrollment they want for each product. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today and see why Expertise.com rated Steven Hughes as one of the 2023 Best Health Insurance Agents in Richmond, Virginia.

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Employer Group Health Plans

Anthem Self-Employed Group Health Insurance Plans

Anthem Self-Employed Group Health Plans are available in Virginia. Enrolling in a self-employed one-person group has many benefits compared to purchasing an individual Affordable Care Act plan. First you will have access to a much larger number of doctors and hospitals with a self-employed group policy compared to an individual affordable care act policy. The Group Health Insurance premiums tend to be less than individual health plans. There are no restrictions on enrollment periods for the group plan, and you can enroll in a self-employed policy at any time of the year. We provide all proposals free of charge, so don't hesitate to get a quote today.

As Seen on TV ETHOS 100% Online Life Insurance With No Medical Exams

As seen on TV ETHOS Online, no medical exams or life insurance. ETHOS 100% online process means all you have to do is answer a few health questions instead of setting up medical exams and blood tests. What traditionally took weeks can now be done in minutes, giving you more time to focus on what matters – the reason you bought life insurance in the first place. Get Same-day coverage Because of ETHOS expedited process. Most customers enjoy same-day coverage. That means you can go from applying to protecting your family in a matter of minutes. That’s how easy life insurance with Ethos is. ETHOS Affordable Life Insurance policies that you can tailor your policy to fit your budget and your needs because we believe that life insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for your family. Get the ETHOS Life Insurance policy that’s best for your family today from your local insurance company SMH Insurance.

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Anthem Individual Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance

Get free quotes or apply online for Anthem individual Health, Dental, Vision & Life insurance plans from your local authorized Virginia agent.

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Term Life Insurance

Get an instant quote and Compare affordable Virginia Term Life Insurance rates from our top-rated companies. See why Expertise.com rated us as one of the best 2023 Life Insurance Agencies in Richmond, VA. Expertise. Com reviewed 8,973 Life Insurance Companies in Richmond, VA and SMH Insurance was selected as one of the best. Let us find you your best life insurance rate and protect your family today!

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Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance Plans

Get an instant live free quote or contact us to schedule a private phone call with a licensed agent to understand your Medicare Supplement Insurance plans choices. You can compare up to 25 companies' plans and premiums to find the best rate on your Medicare policy. Get us a chance to show you why we were rated as one the 2023 Best Medicare Insurance agents located in Richmond, VA by Expertise.com

Short-Term Health Insurance

Get a live quote and apply online for a Short-Term Health Insurance Plans for Individual and Families with UnitedHealthOne. You can apply any time of the year, and your policy can be effective the next day.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Protect your most valuable asset, which is your income, with a Long-Term Disability insurance policy. We will shop and compare several top companies to find you the best policy. Request an online quote today.

Anthem Small Employer Group Health Insurance Plans

Get a live quote for Anthem Small Group Health Plans from your local Authorized Richmond, Virginia agent. You can compare health plan benefits and view premiums for medical, dental, and vision insurance for groups of 1 to 50 employees.

Anthem Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance Plans

Get a live quote online or call us today for Anthem Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance Plans from your Local Authorized Richmond, Virginia Agent. Anthem offers several Medicare Supplement Plan choices to fit your budget and needs.

Delta Dental Individual and Family Insurance Plans

Delta Dental of Virginia offers a choice of plan designs at affordable pricing. Get a free quote and enroll online in minutes today. Plans are available with no waiting periods! Keep your smile healthy with a Delta Dental Individual or Family plan at a great value from your local Richmond, Virginia agent Steven Hughes!

Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Do you have your final expenses in order to protect your loved ones? We can provide you an instant quote with up to 20 Final Expense Whole Life Insurance plans to compare. There are Simplified Issue Policies with an Immediate Death benefit and Guaranteed Issue policies with a graded death benefit. Policies are available up to age 85. We can take most company applications electronically right over the phone. Contact us for more information.

Medicare Advantage Part C Plans

We offer many Medicare Advantage Plan Choices. One may be right for you. To find out more, call us today! This a solicitation for insurance.

Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Group Health Plans

The Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Group Health plan often is a more affordable option when compared to a traditional fully insurance medical policy. With fully insured plans, your entire premium is paid to the insurance company. You don't have any control over how that money is spent with a fully insured plan, and you'll never see those premium dollars again. With the Allstate Self-Funded group health plan, you only pay for claims that are actually incurred by your employees. With the Self-Funded plan, in years when your claims are lower than expected, you may receive money back. This can add up big! About 60% of Allstate Self-Funded groups receive a premium refund. Allstate Self-Funded plans are available for groups with 2 to 49 employees. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Self-Funded plan.

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